Last suitcases to leave Brussels Airport on Tuesday

After a conveyer belt had broken down on Saturday, thousands of suitcases failed to reach their owners. They remained at the airport after passengers had left, and have to be sent to the right address. 

It took mechanics several hours to fix the problem on Saturday morning. As a result, a great many suitcases were left at Brussels Airport. All of these had to be sent to the right owner.

The backlog was huge, but while it had already been reduced to some 1,000 items on Monday, it was down to about a hundred today. "There are less than 100 left, and normally all of these should leave the airport during the course of the day," Brussels Airport declared. 

While all remaining baggage items should be sent today, it may take some time before they actually reach their owners, since some of them need to make a whole trip, Brussels Airport underlines. 

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