Rail strike: 1 in 3 trains are going

It's the first day of a 48-hour strike of the independent rail union OVS and two other, smaller unions. About 1 in 3 trains are going, which makes the impact bigger than last time, when 1 in 2 trains were running. 

The OVS is disappointed about a new grant system for train drivers. "Belgian Rail promised to improve their situation, but in fact what we see on the table now is nothing extra. It's an extra for an extra", says Joachim Parmentier of OVS. 

While only 1 in 3 trains are running, a skeleton roster has been organised, to allow commuters to plan their journey and take their precautions. It's a major improvement compared to the past, when passengers didn't know whether they would reach their destination.

Now, they can check via social media such as the Belgian Rail app which train service has been suspended, and which one has been maintained.  The strike will continue through Wednesday. 

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