Two-thirds of rail services cancelled

For the second day running rail services across Belgium are heavily disrupted as a result of a 48 hour rail strike.  The rail company has drawn up a skeleton schedule based on the number of employees not taking part in the industrial action.

Dimitri Temmerman of Belgian rail (NMBS): "Just like yesterday today we are focusing on the morning and evening rush hours.  Intercity services between the big cities will be most numerous.  There will be a few local and Brussels suburban services too.  Our message is consult the rail company route planner or the NMBS app before you set out for the station."

Around one service in three is operating.  Little change is expected compared to Tuesday.

The rail company expects disruption to services bound for the Dour music festival outside Mons, but some extra services will be running.  There are no extra services to the coast today.  Rail services should be back to normal on Thursday with the rail company pledging to do its utmost to get trains in the right place by daylight.

Trade unionists are unhappy with the way the rail company wants to upgrade the job of train driver.

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