Crested lark blocks second nudist beach on Flemish coast

A rare and protect bird, the crested lark, is probably the reason why a second nudist beach on the Flemish coast will not open soon.  The beach that comes in addition to the one in the resort of Bredene was pencilled in for Westende, but the presence of the bird means that the Nature and Forestry Agency is advising against the nudist beach.

The beach in Bredene was inaugurated in 2000 after a long battle but is now overcrowded. The Federation of Belgian Naturalists had its eye on a beach in Westende where there is no overview from local residents.  The Nature and Forestry Agency is worried that activities in the margin of a nudist beach will be detrimental for the bird's survival.

Griet Buyse: "In Bredene the police repeatedly recorded that people enter the sand dunes for sexual contacts.  The sand dunes are protected under EU law."

There's been a disappointed reaction from nudist organisations. Chair Koen Meulemans: "Naturalists on the beach respect their environment and their fellow citizens."

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