Long drought expected to end next Tuesday

The weekend is sunny and hot, and temperatures are expected to climb to 30 degrees Celsius on Monday, but the tables are turning. Tuesday could bring showers as a western wind sweeps across the country, the VRT's weather presenter Sabine Hagedoren says. This would mark the end of a long drought.  

We've had northern or north-eastern winds for weeks now, due to continuing high pressure north of Western Europe. The usual western or south-westerly wind seem to have become a rarity. However, things are about to change as the high pressure moves more north. This allows the western wind to take over.

From Tuesday, there is a good chance of some rain, even though it may not be a lot and not everywhere, though thunderstorms are also possible. The weather will remain volatile the days after, with a mix of blue skies, clouds and possible showers. Temperatures will drop to a comfortable 25 Celsius, weather forecasters say. 

While nature is begging for some water, farmers already said that the damage has been done, and the damage to their crops is irreversible.  

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