Number of speeding drivers 25 percent up on the year

About 1.6 million drivers were caught speeding on Belgian roads last year, Het Laatste Nieuws reports. The number is no less than 25 percent up on the year, but this can be explained by the fact that there are more average speed checks across the country now. 

Figures supplied by Interior Minister Jan Jambon's cabinet show that 1,595,991 drivers were seen speeding in 2017; this over 4,370 each day. The number is 27.5 percent up on the year. 

Federal MP Brecht Vermeulen (N-VA) says the sharp rise is mainly due to the fact that the number of average speed checks has gone up. "We've seen major investments in this area, and at the same time local police zones have made investments to extend the number of speed traps. In fact, this happens in many more places than just along the motorways and A-roads."

Many people were caught red-handed on the E40 in the Brussels area, and on the E17 in the Antwerp area. Average speed checks there will be extended. This being said, fewer people are letting themselves being caught by a traditional speed camera on a fixed place. They just brake when they move past, in order to accelerate afterwards. 

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