25 transit migrants jump out of trailer in Zeebrugge

Police in the West Flemish city of Bruges are searching for 13 transit migrants that made their escape after jumping from the trailer of a lorry in Zeebrugge. A total of 25 transit migrants jumped from the trailer. 12 of them were detained. The transit migrants were hiding in the trailer of the truck that was making at delivery to a company at Zeebrugge. When the driver opened up his trailer the migrants jumped out and ran into the surrounding fields.  

The police borrowed a fire truck with an extendable ladder from the local Fire Service in order to get a better view of the field. This enable them to detain around half (12) of the 25. Over the past week there has been a big number of transit migrants picked up in Zeebrugge. 63 transit migrants were detained in just 2 days.   


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