The search is on for the Lidl spider

A specialist company has been put to work at the Lidl supermarket in the Antwerp suburb of Wilrijk in an effort to try and catch a spider that was spotted by a customer at the store on Saturday. Initially it was feared that the creature that was seen in a box of bananas could be a poisonous exotic type of spider. However, these fears has since been allayed.     

On Saturday a customer at Lidl Wilrijk took a photograph of the spider that was no bigger a 1 euro coin. The customer posted the photograph on Facebook. It wasn’t until yesterday when he had looked the spider up on the internet that he informed the police and supermarket. The customer wishes to remain anonymous.

A specialised pest control company started looking for the spider before the supermarket opened on Monday morning. It had been fear that the spider was a poisonous Brazilian wandering spider. However, experts that have examined the photograph taken of say that this is not the case and that the spider is not dangerous.  

Lidl Wilrijk opened at the usual time on Monday morning. It is the first time that a spider has been found alive among the produce at one of the German-owned retail chain’s Belgian stores. Lidl has called on its customers to report any in store sightings of spiders straight away.

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