Belgium expelled one of its most wanted criminals last year

The list of Belgium's most wanted criminals, published last week, includes the name of Safet Rustemi, a 33-year-old Albanian sentenced in Belgium after a conviction for people- and drugs trafficking.  The Belgian police FAST team that tracks down criminals who are on the run says he should serve 22 years in jail!

But this story has a bizarre twist: the immigration services expelled Safet Rustemi just over a year ago.  At the time he was awaiting the implementation of a jail sentence and had just been freed on bail in connection with another case.  The immigration service decided to expel him from Belgium and ban him from the country for 15 years.

Belgian asylum secretary Theo Francken defends this decision.  He says this is what we do with criminals staying illegally in Belgium.  Mr Francken blames the justice department and the police for what could be described as a cock-up adding he or his services received no signal from the justice department or the police: “There was no order for an immediate arrest and the bail had been paid."

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