Zeebrugge ferry turns back after migrants are discovered

The voyage of a cross Channel ferry was interrupted following the discovery of several migrants or stowaways who had hoped to enter the UK illegally.

A number of illegals were discovered in the engine room of a ferry sailing from Zeebrugge on Monday.  The captain decided to abort the crossing and return to Zeebrugge.

Before the Estraden, a P&O ferry left Zeebrugge, police searched the entire vessel and removed three stowaways who had climbed on board using the mooring ropes.  The ship was then able to leave with a 90 minutes delay.

At sea the crew discovered yet more migrants triggering the costly decision to return to port where the migrants could be landed.  Bruges prosecutors say that this is the first time a ship is forced to return to port on account of migrants. 

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