French serial rapist coughs up 8 new attacks in Belgium

A serial rapist who has been active in the French-Belgian border area has admitted involvement in over a score of new incidents. Many of the incidents also took part in Belgium.

Dino Scala is a 57-year-old French national who is in custody accused of a series of rapes.  During fresh questioning he admitted involvement in over twenty additional incidents including eight in Belgium.

Scala was arrested over six months ago on charges of violent sexual abuse.  He has now admitted a further 25 instances of rape, assault and violent sexual abuse.  So far he faces charges in connection with attacks on 19 women.  This figure is now set to rise to 44.

Scala is married with children and grandchildren.  His arrest triggered further investigation into a whole series of unsolved attacks on women in the border area.  Scala's photo was shown to victims and witnesses providing fresh information.  This information allowed the police to obtain further confessions.  Charleroi prosecutors are investigating the eight new cases in Belgium.

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