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King awards National Day honours

As tradition decrees on the eve of Belgium’s National Day, King Filip has awarded honours to Belgians from various fields of public life. Among those that will be elevated to the nobility are the Head of the Federation of Belgian Industry Pieter Timmermans and the Leuven University professor Bart De Strooper. Although the announcement of who has been given a title is always made just ahead of Belgium’s National Day, those that have been honoured won’t officially become part of the Belgian nobility until they have a coat of arms and there patent of nobility has been officialised by the King. This happens at a reception that is held later in the year.

Who is being elevated to the nobility?

The criminologist and behaviour therapist Ingrid De Jonghe, Diane Hennebert from the world of culture, the Chairwoman of the charity Restos du Coeur Yvonne L’Hoest and Carla Molenberghs of the care organisation Huis Perrekes are all to become Baronesses.     

The Honorary Governor of Brussels Hugo Nys, the doctor Jean-Pierre Schenkelaars and the Head of the Federation of Belgian Industry Pieter Timmermans are to be made Barons.

The pianist Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden is being knighted.

Who is being decorated?

The haematologist Marc Boogaerts and the former Chairman of the Christian Trades Union Luc Cortebeeck are being made Grand Officiers  in the Order of the Crown.

The molecular biologist Bart De Strooper the epidemiologist Marie Laga and the neurologist Steven Laureys are to become Commanders in the Order of Leopold.

The following people are being made Commanders in the Order of the Crown: Princess Antoinette de Merode, Baron Elie-François Duesberg of the François Deusberg Museum in Mons (Hainaut), the Francophone actress Marie Gillain, the founder of the not-for-profit association Diversicom Marie-Laure Jonet, the former Head of the technology industry federation Agoria Christ'l Joris, the cultural activist Lukas Pairon and the Chairman of bakery supply company Puratos- Eddy Van Belle.


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