Belgium’s National Day: Google says it with waffles

The popular search engine Google hasn’t forgotten that 21 July is Belgium’s National Day. Those of you that use as your search engine with no doubt have already notice that the normally bland home page is decorated with a special doodle featuring Belgian waffles. Both the Brussels and Liège versions of the waffle feature with the Brussels version made to look especially tasty thanks to the addition of strawberries and fresh cream.

Google says that that Belgium is a country with a rich multitude of things to taste.

"This is without the reason why there are not one, but two different sorts of waffle in Belgium. Je can choose the Liège waffle with its rounded edges, soft texture and bits of sugar that are melted into it during baking. Or there is the Brussels waffle that is big and square and has a soft crispy texture and usually has icing sugar scattered on it”.  

The legend has it that the waffle was invented in the 17th century by a cook working for the Prince of Liège. The word “waffle” comes from the Old-French “walfre” which means honeycomb.  

It is not the first time that Google has dedicated a doodle to Belgium’s National Day.

Last year it produced a doodle featuring 22 Belgian landmarks. In 2012 and 2015 Google’s produced doodles featuring other favourite Belgian foodstuffs: mussels, chocolate, chicory, spouts and chips.  

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