Two detained after failed ATM robbery in Sint-Laureins

Police have picked up two Dutch nationals after they tried to blow open an ATM machine at the post office  in the East Flemish village of Sint-Laureins. According to the Judicial Authorities it is still too early to say whether there is a link between Friday nights failed robbery and other robberies in which ATM machines were blown open and their contents stolen. The two suspects have since been detained.   

Police arrived at the post office in Sint-Laureins at around 3:30am. A short time earlier three men had used crow bars to break into the building. They also had gas bottles with them. Gas bottles have been used to blow up ATM’s in previous robberies.    

A local resident had heard a noise and went to look what was going on. The robbers then fled before they had been able to force the ATM open. The getaway car was found a short distance away. .  

A short time later another vehicle was intercepted in Maldegem (East Flanders). The four people inside attempted to flee, but two of them were able to be over—powered.  The two suspects have already been questioned and have been detained.

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