Nicolas Maeterlinck

It’s hot, but it’s going to get even hotter

The hot and sunny weather is set to continue next week with temperatures set to climb to over 30°C. The hottest day will be Friday with temperatures forecast to reach 33°C.  According to the VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere “There is absolutely no end to the heatwave in sight”.  

Today temperatures reached 23°C in coastal areas and 30°C in the Kempen area in Antwerp and Limburg provinces. The Royal Metrological Institute (KMI) says that Monday will remain warm with sunny spells interspersed with cloud and top temperatures of between 24°C and 28°C.   

"And in the coming days it will be the same story as it has been during the past weeks and months”, Frank Deboosere said.

"In the second half of the week a new area of high pressure will form over Scandinavia. This will put us on the way towards a period of exceptionally warm weather or rather tropical summer weather.", the VRT’s weatherman added.  

Onwards and upwards

Frank Deboosere added that "Temperatures will rise in the coming days, reaching 30°C in central areas”.

Many of us could find it difficult to sleep as night temperatures aren’t expected to fall below 20°C.  

Temperatures are forecast to peak at 33°C in central areas on Friday. It could be even hotter in the Kempen area.

Things will cool down a bit on Saturday with temperatures forecast to reach 28°C.



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