Body of missing swimmer found

The body of man that went missing after going for a swim has been found. On Sunday morning the Brasschaat Fire Service resumed the search for the swimmer that went missing in the E-10 Pond in Schoten (Antwerp province) on Saturday afternoon. The pond is adjacent to the E19 motorway that runs from Antwerp to the Dutch border. On Saturday teams of divers searched for hours for the missing swimmer, but were unable to find him. The Fire Service has deployed a sonar detection boat on Sunday. Swimming in the pond is banned.  

The emergency services received a call from a woman from Antwerp at 3:15pm on Saturday. She reported that a man that she had gone to the E-10 Pond with had gone swimming with his dog. The dog returned but the man hadn’t.  The Fire Service sent a team of divers to the scene to look for the man. Two girls that were on the other side of the pond said that they had seen the man. They said that he was looking for his dog.

A police spokesman told VRT News that "It is possible that he went back into the water to look for the animal”. The search was called off at nightfall and resumed again on Sunday morning.  

Last Monday the Schoten Local Police Service warned that it is strictly forbidden to swim in the pond. The E-10 Pond is used for boating which makes it dangerous to swim in. Moreover, it is very deep in some places and the differences in temperature between the surface water and the water deeper down can also create issues for swimmers.  


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