U-turn on heating oil tank ban

The Flemish Government has had a change of heart on plans to ban the sale of heating oil tanks from 2021. Now the use of oil to heat newly constructed home or the replacement of a heating oil tank as part of a renovation will only be discouraged.  

The Flemish Energy Minister Bart Tommelein (liberal) told VRT News that the reason for the change of heart is that the Flemish Government cannot legally introduce such a ban as it falls under the remit of the Federal Government.  

On Monday the Belgian Federation of Fuel Traders (Brafco) reacted with dismay to the plans that were revealed on Saturday after a marathon 20-hour meeting of the Flemish Cabinet.  

Mr Tommelein told VRT News that "I think that they had understood that there would be a total bank. The communication wasn’t 100% correct”.

"In the Energy Pact we agreed with the other (regional and federal) governments to phase out oil tanks as a source of heat by 2035”.

"Flanders wises to move more quickly and will discourage the use of oil heating systems from 2021 in new builds and renovations”.

The Flemish Government will also make efforts to persuade the Federal Government to move more quickly. "The Fleming needs to realise that fosile fuels will disappear”.


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