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Water consumption peaks: “Problem not yet acute, but please be prudent”.

The drought has seen water consumption in Flanders peak. Nevertheless, the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) says that there is currently not an acute problem with water supply. However, it is essential that Flemings remain prudent with their use of mains water.   From today a Code Orange heat warning is in force in the whole of the region with the exception of West Flanders. When Code Orange is in force those in the affected areas are advised to keep out of the sun as much as possible and to drink plenty of water.

Nevertheless, they are also advised to be prudent when using drinking water. Katrien Smet of the Flemish Enviroment Agency told VRT News that "You can still use mains water to have a quick shower or to prepare food or a drink”.

"In East and West Flanders and part of Flemish Brabant that is a day and night ban on using mains water for sprinkler systems for lawns and sports pitches. Those ignoring the ban face fines”, Ms Smet added.  

"Be prudent with water"

"We don’t have to worry for the moment. There is enough water, but we should be prudent as we don’t know how long the drought will last. Water consumption is currently very high. We are using 20% more than in a normal summer. A lot of cisterns are empty so people are turning to mains water”, Ms Smet concludes.

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