2018 Kyodo News

Hose pipe ban in larger part of Flanders

The governors of the provinces of East and West Flanders and Antwerp have followed the recommendations of Belgium's Drought Commission and are banning the use of the hose pipe to spray gras and crops or wash cars. 

The ban affects both tap, rain and ground water and hits private citizens as well as the authorities in the three provinces. In Limburg the ban only affects tap water.

Katrien Smet of the Flemish Environment Company speaks of an alarm phase and warns that problems would arise if no action was taken. Flemings are using 20% more water than usual and the company urges people to be sparing. As wells run dry the demand for tap water is expected to increase further.

In Antwerp governor Cathy Berx has introduced a "general ban on wastage": "Water can be used for cooking, drinking and personal hygiene, but not for spraying your lawn, hosing down your car or filling pools."

East and West Flanders already had an overnight ban.  This becomes a general ban.

In Flemish Brabant anti-wastage measures are in force in fifteen municipalities.  The authorities are holding crunch talks on Thursday.

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