Fire-fighters rescue 1,100 kilo bull from West Flemish ditch

Fire-fighters in Eggewaartskapelle outside Veurne had their work cut out for them on Wednesday after a bull weighing 1,100 kilos ended up in a ditch. 

The poor creature could barely keep its head above the water and stay breathing.  Fortunately, fire-fighters in the Westhoek district possess a special team ready to assist farmers.  They were called in to free the distressed animal.  Initially the fire-fighters wanted to sedate the bull to ensure it didn’t resist its rescue and sink deeper into the mud, but in the event this didn't prove necessary as this was a very co-operative animal.

A crane was deployed to raise the bull onto terra firma.  It's the second day in a row that the Westhoek's farm team has to be deployed.  On Tuesday a rescue operation had to be launched in Veldegem to rescue a cow from a narrow cesspit.  The cow had fallen through the grill protecting the pit.  Fire-fighters had to bore holes in the cesspit's cover in order to lower their pulley and raise the unfortunate creature.

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