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Be careful: “Big threat of forest fires, especially in Antwerp and Limburg provinces”

The heat of recent weeks is dangerous for the heathland and woodland in Antwerp and Limburg provinces. Walkers and nature-lovers are being advised to avoid the areas due to the risk from fire. With Code Red now in force in Antwerp and Limburg province walking in areas of natural beauty in Antwerp and Limburg provinces is not without danger.

Xavier Coppens of the Nature and Woodland Agency told VRT News that "The fire observation towers are staffed and the Fire Service is ready to respond. People are advised not to walk in these areas. The danger from fire is too great, the risk is simply too great”.

"I am still amazed at what I see every day. Most people find it logically that they have to be on their guard. There is a lot of common sense. However, I still see people that carelessly discard their cigarette. It seems that you can’t warn people enough that such behaviour is extremely dangerous”, Mr Coppens said      

"One again, please be alert, please be careful”.  

"Code Rood has often been in force in the East of the country. However, this is the first time in 20 years that Code Orange has been in force in West and East Flanders”, the Nature and Woodland Agency told VRT News.

And has there been a negative effect on fauna and flora.

"Certainly most vegetation has withered, some trees are already in autumn mode, and grasslands have become yellowed. However, it will be alright once it starts raining again. It’s great weather for insects”.    

It is conceivable that Code Red could be put into force in the whole country?

"If it doesn’t rain then we could end up in that situation in August and yes it has never happened”.

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