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Carles Puigdemont is back in Belgium

The former Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont is back in Belgium. Earlier this month the Spanish Government withdraw a European surrender order under the conditions of which other EU countries would have to send him back to Spain. This means that he is now able to travel freely within Europe. Mr Puidgemont wants to continue his political activities in exile here in Belgium.   

Carles Puidgemont appeared at a press conference together with the current Catalan PM Joaquim Torra in Brussels on Saturday morning.

“This is not the end of my journey. My journey will only end once all political prisoners have been released”, Mr Puidgemont.

He added that he will travel the length and breadth of the EU to defend the Catalan cause and called for the release of political prisoners being held in Spanish jails. The press conference was held at the offices on Catalan Region in Brussels.

Back to Waterloo

Carles Puidgemont arrived back in Belgium on a scheduled flight from Germany. He will move back into the villa that he is renting in the upmarket Walloon Brabant town of Waterloo.

He has spent the last 4 months in Germany after he was detained at the Danish-German border. However, as the German authorities were only prepared to hand him over to Spain to face charges of misappropriation of public funds and not rebellion (the other crime he is accused of by the Spanish), Spain has withdrawn its request for Mr Puidgemont to be sent back and the Catalan politician was free to travel again.   

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