Hechtel-Eksel was the hottest place in the country on Friday

Although the record for the hottest day since records began was not broken at the Royal Meteorological Institute in Ukkel (Brussels), it was equalled Hechtel-Eksel in Limburg Province. There temperatures reached 38.8°C. The heat record of 38.8°C was set in 2015 at the weather station on the island of Monsin in the Walloon city of Liège.   

It wasn’t until today that weather stations across the land were able to provide full data about Friday’s climatic conditions. While, Hechtel-Eksel was the warmest place in the country as whole, Bassevelde was the warmest place in East Flanders with a temperature of 38.4°C.

The hottest place in West Flanders was Wevelgem where temperatures reached 37.5°C. Westmalle, best known for its Trappist beer, was the warmest place in Antwerp Province with a top temperature of 37.8°C. In the hottest place in Flemish Brabant, Kappelle-op-de-Bos temperatures reached 38.5°C. In all but Westmalle, Friday’s top temperatures were provincial records.

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