Investigation opened into pepper spray incident at Tomorrowland

The first evening of the second weekend of the dance music festival tomorrow was marred by an incident near the main stage. A festival-goer describes on the social media site Facebook her smartphone, bank card and identity card were stolen after she was sprayed with pepper spray.

The festival organisers have said that they have informed the Federal Police Service and that an investigation has been launched.  

The second weekend of the Tomorrowland festival got under way at the Provincial estate in Boom (Antwerp Province) on Friday evening. Last weekend there were a number of reports of smartphones going missing at the festival. The police assume that at least some of them were stolen. An investigation was launched and festival-goers this weekend are advised to be alert.   

Now a festival-goer has written on Facebook that she was robbed of some of her belongings after pepper spray was sprayed on the mainstage.

"It was as if fire had broken out”

The victim, Kora-Li Melis, told VRT News that “The incident happened at the right-hand access gates to the main stage”

"We were standing there queuing with a few friends and it was very busy. I suddenly felt my eyes stinging and I started coughing. Just then around 100 festival-goers started to run to the backend of the ground, away from the main stage”.  

"I thought that fire had broken out because of the heat. It felt like I was standing in the middle of a camp fire. It effected my breathing and I was in a state of panic. I heard someone shout ‘pepper spray’. Then I noticed that my mobile phone had gone and my eyes were burning”.

“I don’t know whether other festival-goers were robbed”.  

"We informed the festival security straight away and this morning I went to report it to the local police. It’s a shame that this has happened at my very first Tomorrowland”.

Tomorrowland has confirmed that there was an incident with pepper spray on Friday evening and that the police have launched an investigation. The festival organisers add that they have no knowledge of any similar incidents having occurred during the first weekend of the festival.  

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