Driver of van in which toddler was shot by police detained in Britain

The driver of a van carrying transit migrants that was shot at by police after it failed to respond to police call stop in May has been detained in the UK. A police bullet fired during the incident on a motorway in Hainaut Province hit and killed a 2-year-old Kurdish girl. She and her parents were among a group of transit migrants hoping to enter the UK illegally via Belgium and the French Channel Ports.  

The DNA of the man detained by British police matches that found on the steering wheel of the van. The news first appeared in the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ and has been confirmed by VRT News sources.

After the shooting the van drive hid among the 27 people that had been packed into the van. Belgian detectives couldn’t identify who was behind the wheel. Not least because none of the transit migrants could or wanted to identify the driver. As the driver could not be identified he and his passengers were released.          

In the meantime, detectives have taken DNA samples from the van, once of which ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reports is a match to DNA taken from a man detained in England. His DNA matches DNA found on the steering wheel and gearstick of the van. The man has been arrested and has been in custody for several days. The Belgian Judicial authorities have ask for his extradition.

VRT News source have confirmed that the man detained in the UK is a 25-year-old Iraqi. He was detained last week by police in England.


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