"Sorry that I stole your bike"

During the weekend Jens Coppens from Bruges (West Flanders) received a message on his Facebook wall that was as remarkable as it was surprising. The message was placed by the person that had stolen his expensive racing bike. Mr Coppens had posted images of the theft on social media in the hope that his bike might be found.

The image were shared, shared and shared again until they were seen by the bike thief himself. Now the thief has expressed his remorse on Facebook.  

Jens Coppens works in a bar in the centre of Bruges. He had parked his bike, an expensive racing cycle, outside his workplace. The thief spotted the bike and took it away. However, what he didn’t spot was the CCTV cameras that filmed him taking the bike. Mr Coppens posted the CCTV images of the theft on Facebook and his post was shared some 5,000 times.

The images were eventually seen by the thief who sent Jens Coppens a message of apology.  

“I suddenly got a message from him. Not anonymous, but with his name and everything. He said that he had made a stupid decision and that he regretted it. I must admit that was to his credit that he contacted me himself  

Bike stolen from thief

As if this wasn’t enough the bike was stolen for a second time, this time from thief. However, all’s well that ends well and Jens Coppens received a second message from someone telling him that his bike had been found near to the Bruges Courthouse.  

“When he saw my message on social media he realised it was mine and took it to the police.” Jens Coppens was able to pick up his bike from the police station on Sunday.  


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