4 dead and 9 injured in accident on the N49 in Maldegem

An accident on the N49 trunk road in the East Flemish municipality of Maldegem has claimed the lives of 4 people. 9 others were injured in the crash that happened at a crossroads. A lorry ran into the back of 5 cars and another lorry while they were waiting at traffic lights.  

All the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment. The Judicial Authorities are at the scene for the identification of the victims. All four fatalities are from the same family. They are two adults and two children.

The accident has caused severe disruption to traffic using the road that runs from Antwerp to the West Flemish coastal resort of Knokke. Those driving from Antwerp to the coast are advised to use the E17 and E40.  

The Mayor of Maldegem Marleen Van den Bussche (Christian democrat) says that she wants urgent talks with the Roads and Traffic Agency.  

"We will be asking to turn the N49 into a motorway as soon as possible. This would mean that the crossroads would disappear”.

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