Water consumption down 7% since drought measures were introduced

The measures to save water that were brought in last week by the governors of the 5 Flemish provinces seem to be working. There has been a significant fall in water consumption since the measures came into force.  

Carl Heyrman of the Flemish water companies’ federation AquaFlanders told VRT Radio 1 that “We are pleased that the governors’ call has been heeded. Over the course of the week we have seen a 7% drop in water consumption”.

Mr Heyrman added that “People have become more prudent with their use of tap water. People use tap water primarily for essential such as drinking cooking and household chores”

There are regional variations in the percentage fall.

 “This can be explained by the fact that the measures were brought in earlier in some places than in others. West Flanders saw the biggest fall at 12%. The further East you go, the smaller the fall as the measures were brought in”, Mr Heyrman added.    

He also reassured listeners that Flanders has enough water reserves to cope with demand. However, he warns that peak consumption levels are still 20% higher than normal.


“We are doing our best, but we can still do better”, Mr Heyrman concludes.

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