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Belgian dies on hiking holiday in the United States

A 49-year-old Belgian has died during a hiking holiday in The Wave, a sandstone rock formation in the American state of Arizona. He was walking with his 16-year-old son when he became unwell, probably due to the heat. The boy called his mother who was at their hotel. She informed the emergency services.

The authorities in Kane County Sheriffs’ Office reports that the man was found by Bureau of Land Management officials on Monday evening. His remains were flown to a local mortuary. The Belgian Foreign Ministry has yet to confirm the reports of the Belgian’s death.   

The Wave is popular with hikers. However, just 20 people a day are allowed to visit the impressive rock formation. The Belgian and his son were among the 20 people that were allow to walk on The Wave on Monday.

The Belgian became separated from the group and went the wrong way. His son asked the rest of the group for help to find his father.

Mobile phone coverage on The Wave is poor to non-existent and after 3 hours the boy was finally able to alert his mother. His father was unwell, disorientated and in need of help. The boy’s mother called the emergency service and a helicopter was deployed. The man was found dead on Monday evening.     

As it has been extremely hot in the area over the past few weeks the man is believed to have succumbed to the heat. He is reported not to have had any history of health issues.

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