Talk to your remote control to control your television

The telecoms’ company Telenet is to launch a new television decoder that incorporates voice recognition technology. Those with the new decoders will be able to control their television - and switch channels, among other things - by talking to their remote control.   

The new decoder will also support 4K transmissions. 4K is a new system that uses a greater number of pixels (3840 × 2160) than standard Full HD (1920×1080 pixels).  In addition to the announcement that its new generation of decoders will support voice recognition technology Telenet has also announced that like its rival Proximus, its customers are now able to subscribe to Netflix via its digital television platform.    

The new decoder will be tested by 20,000 so-called “friendly user” customers over the next few months. These are customers that have agreed to give the company feedback on its products.

After the trial the new decoder will become available to all of the company's customers that want it.

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