Antwerp acid attack victim held in a coma

The victim of the acid attack in Antwerp is still in a life-threatening condition. As 40 percent of het body sustained heavy burns, she is being held in an artificial coma. 

The victim was attacked with sulphuric acid on Antwerp's Sint-Jansplein yesterday, while she was waiting for the bus. The assailant was her former partner, who couldn't come to terms with the idea of the two no longer being together. He had been stalking her for about a year and had threatened to attack her if she kept kept rejecting him. In a text message, he had put forward this specific type of attack. 

The 40-year-old victim has been heavily burnt for 40 percent. Her 57-year-old assailant was under the influence of drugs and could not immediately be questioned, but today he confessed to having carried out the horrendous attack. He will remain in custody. 

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