August to follow the pace of a blistering hot July

You may like or dislike the heat, but the fact is that the hot spell is going to continue for at least another week, weather experts predict. In fact, temperatures may exceed more than 35 Celsius again on Friday. If things don't change, this summer will become the hottest ever for Belgium, breaking the 1976 and 1947 milestones. 

Sunday could be a bit "cooler" with temperatures dipping below 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) after a blistering hot Thursday and Friday. However, temperatures are expected to climb again after the weekend. This means a new heat wave is coming up. There is an increasing chance of thunderstorms next week. 

Belgium had its hottest and driest summer ever in 1976, but the present heat wave is hitting large parts of western Europe. In the meantime, the Belgian milestones of the summer of 1976 and 1947 could be broken. At present, the main measuring station in Ukkel had as many as 47 summer days (+25 Celsius), which means the 1976 record of 50 days is bound to be broken. The 1947 record stands at 66 days. 1947 also holds the record of the highest maximum ever measured in Ukkel (36.6 Celsius). 

Speaking about the average temperature, the summer of 2003 now holds a historic high of 19.7 degrees Celsius. It's too early to say we will break this record, but the chance is there as August is continuing in the same way as July. Meanwhile, large parts of Belgium (mostly the north and west) are battling extreme drought. 

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