© Sabine Joosten/Hollandse Hoogte

East-Flanders relaxes drought measures for farm and allotments

The provincial authorities in East Flanders have relaxed the restrictions placed on farmers and allotment holders wishing to water their crops using water from other sources than the mains water supply. Exceptions are also to be made for sportsgrounds.   

The Acting Governor of East Flanders Didier Detollenaere announced the changes. From now farmers and allotment holders will be able to water their crops with water not sourced from the main water supply any time between 6pm and 10am.

Mr Detollenare said in his press statement that "Farms and market gardens and sportsgrounds could be watered between 8pm and 8am. This has now been extended for these specific categories”.   

All the other anti-drought measures remain in force. People in East Flanders are asked not to use water for non-essential tasks such as washing the car, watering the garden, swilling off the pavement or the fronts of houses or for filling up swimming pools or ponds.  .

"Be prudent with water remains the message because the weather forecast for the coming days is for little or no rain”. "

The slight relaxation of the restrictions has come about at the request of farmers that had too little time to water their crops.


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