Flemish water industry calls on government to reform water policy

The water industry in Flanders, including the various water-supply companies and companies responsible for managing the region’s sewers, has called on the Flemish Government to make urgent changes to water policy in the region. News of the letter sent by water industry representatives to the Flemish Government appears in the daily ‘De Standaard’. The water industry wants measures to be taken to help prevent water shortages, flooding and issues with water quality.   

The letter was drafted by The Flemish Water Knowledge Centre, the sewerage and water purification industry body Vlario, AquaFlanders, the Flemish Water Technology Network and B-IWA. The letter talks of the increased difficulties in matching the resilience of our water network to society’s demands.  

"Sometimes we have too much and sometimes too little water”, Wendy Francken of Vlario told the paper.     

"But everyone needs water. We need to strike a balance to ensure that everyone can always have access to enough water”.  

The water companies and industry bodies have asked the Federal Government to make companies and private citizens more aware of how they can use water more efficiently.

Carl Heyrman of Aquaflanders told journalists that “We call for water to be re-used more efficiently”.

"Waste water can be put to many other uses and we need to start doing this. The rainwater in many rainwater tanks has been used up, but it is quite possible to collect the water from the shower to flush the toilette with.     

"An awareness campaign would be a first step, but it wouldn’t be enough. May fiscal measures should be taken to encourage people to recycle water”.

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