E19 Motorway finally reopened after inferno

The E19 Motorway between Antwerp and Brussels was only reopened for traffic this morning after an accident with a lorry yesterday around noon.

The accident happened near the junction in Machelen, just north of Brussels. The truck caught fire and lost its cargo of diapers. These ended up on the blistering hot road surface, which triggered a chemical reaction with substances used to manufacture the diapers. 

The road needed to be cleaned, but one stretch needed to be replaced. A building contractor had to come to the scene to remove the top surface of the road and put a new one. All this time, the motorway was blocked for Brussels-bound traffic. This triggered an enormous traffic jam of several kilometres.  The Red Cross supplied water bags to trapped motorists. In the afternoon, it was decided to close the motorway from Mechelen-Zuid for south-bound traffic. 

While the accident happened around 12:45 yesterday afternoon, it took until this morning before the road could be reopened completely. The truck driver escaped unharmed. 

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