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"Please eat more tomatoes!"

Due to the continuing warm and sunny weather, farmers growing tomatoes can count on an excellent harvest. However, they fear that the enormous supply may cause prices to drop sharply. The sector is now calling on consumers to eat more tomatoes. 

Tomato production over the past weeks and months was 15 to 20 percent up. Farmers concentrating their efforts on tomatoes are lucky: while many of their colleagues are being confronted with a poor to very poor harvest as their crops are being hit by the drought, tomato growers are enjoying an "exceptional" harvest. 

"Due to the warm weather and the many hours of light our tomato growers are enjoying an unprecedented harvest", says Philippe Appeltans of the Belgian Horticulture sector. Good news for consumers: the tomatoes are of excellent quality and there are many. But the sector is concerned, because there is such a such a thing as supply and demand. They are calling on people to eat more tomatoes. "Help the tomato sector and put them on the menu!" the sector says. 

However, they can also boost their exports, as it was not a good season for tomatoes more south. In some countries in southers Europe, it was simply too hot and too dry to grow tomatoes. Belgian tomatoes are welcomed there. 

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