10,000 enthusiasts for Antwerp's Museumnacht where bikes rule

The 14th edition of Antwerp's Museum Night attracted some 10,000 enthusiasts, organisers announced this morning. They had a chance to visit 22 permanent of temporary exhibitions, often with guided tours, and attend workshops and concerts. There was also an afterparty in Amuz, the former Saint Augustina Church. 

Many took the bicycle to get to their different destinations, but there were also special buses, and an historic tram was running between Leopoldplaats and City Brewery De Koninck. This year, visitors had the option of a guided tour in four museums, and a bike ride in between the visits, which was well received.  

The Museumnacht featured 22 museums across the city. They opened their doors between 7PM and 1 o'clock in the night. Visitors who missed a museum of their choice, will have a chance to catch up until the end of August, but they need to keep their bracelet. 

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