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Two Tomorowland festival-goers die after taking drugs

Two young women that were attending the Tomorrowland dance music festival in Boom in Antwerp Province were taken to hospital suffering from the ill effects of having taken drugs. A few days later the two women that had both come from abroad to attend the festival died at Antwerp University Hospital. The news of the two fatalities comes from a trusted VRT News source.

The Tomorrowland festival took place during the last 2 weekends of July. The first victim visited the festival during its first weekend (20 to 22 July). She became ill at the festival and died just under a week later in hospital in Antwerp.  The second woman was taken to hospital during the second weekend of the festival.

It is reported that one of the two fatalities was caused by use of the drug ecstasy. Both the two women were foreign nationals.

Antwerp University Hospital has been contacted several times by VRT News , but refuses to comment for reasons of confidentiality. The police and the Antwerp Judicial Authorities say that they have received no reports of deaths that were not through natural causes. This is despite the news having been confirmed by two independent sources.  

Tomorrowland is “unaware” of the deaths

The organisers of the festival too say that they are unaware of the deaths. Tomorrowland’s Spokesperson Debby Wilmsen to VRT News that “Up until now we have not been informed by the families or the authorities of the deaths of people said to have attended our festival. If this is the case then our thoughts are with their relatives and we hope that they can be left to deal with their loss serenely”.  

"Zero tolerance for drugs”

Earlier the Federal Police Service said that during the two weekends of the festival 63 dealers had been caught selling drugs. 430 festival-goers were caught in possession of illegal substances. All those caught in possession of drugs were removed from the festival site with immediate effect.   

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