Bronze for mountain biker Githa Michiels at the European Championship

Githa Michiels has taken bronze at the European Cycling Championships in Glasgow. The 35-year-old cyclist came in third in the women’s mountain bike competition. Gold was won by the favourite, the Swiss rider Jolanda Neff.  

Githa Michiels already had 8 Belgian titles to her name, but had yet to win anything on the European stage. Last year she finished 11th at the European Championships.  

After the first of 5 laps the Belgian was 9th. However, she gradually pushed forward and by the end of the 5th lap she had made it into 3rd place. Much to the joy of the Belgian team coach Filip Meirhaeghe.   

She was joined on the podium by the French rider Pauline Ferrand Prévot that came in second and the Swiss favourite Jolanda Neff who was a very convincing 1st.  


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