Transit migrant camp at the side of the E40 motorway cleared

The police have cleared a camp from woodland along the E40 motorway in the West Flemish municipality of Jabbeke. The camp was being used by transit migrants hoping to reach the UK illegal. Police officers were able to identify 66 migrants in what was a joint operation involving the Federal and Local Police services.

The camp contained a number of wooden constructions. Although 66 people were identified, the police believe that more people were staying in the woods.      

"We believe that between 80 and 90 people are staying in the woods, but they weren’t all present”, the Mayor of Jabbeke Daniël Vanhessche (Christian democrat) told VRT News.

All the transit migrants were photographed and ordered to leave the country. The police discovered the camp after they had followed a group of transit migrant. The transit migrants had built wooden construction in which to sleep. There were also pots and pans found at the camp. The migrants were given the choice of either taking their material with them or leaving it behind.   

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