Silver and bronze for the Borlée brothers

Both Kevin and Jonathan Borlée won medals at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin on Friday. The brothers finished second and third in the 400 metres race. Only the British favourite Matthew Hudson-Smith did better than the Belgians.  

Kevin Borlée was allotted lane 1 for the final, while Jonathan Borlée was given lane 4. The favourite Matthew Hudson-Smith was placed between the twins in lane 3.  

The Briton left his opponents standing with a flying start. Of the Borlées it was Johnathan that started strongest. For a lot of the race it look as though he rather than his brother Kevin would take the silver medal. However it was not to be and Kevin Borlée finished second with a time of 45.13 seconds. Jonathan Borlée was 0.06 seconds slower with a time of 45.19 seconds. Matthew Hudson-Smith won the race with a time of 44.78 seconds.  

The Borlée brothers strong individual performances mean that the prospects for the today’s 4x400 metre race look all the brighter.  

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