Five families evacuated due to subsidence in Limburg

Five families were evacuated from their homes in the Trudo Jansstraat in the village of Zussen in the Limburg municipality of Riemst in the early hours of Sunday morning. Subsidence caused by a water leak was the reason for the evacuation.    

The water leak was in the cellars of the buildings and was so serious that that cracks had developed in the walls of the houses. A family with two children was evacuated just before the floor of their home collapsed. It was then decided to evacuate the families that live in the adjacent houses.   

Those evacuated were taken to stay with family or put up in a hotel. The Riemst Municipal Authority and the water company De Watergroep attended the scene and took the measures necessary to stop the leak. The police closed the road to traffic.

This morning part of the front facade of the house worse affected by the leak collapsed. The house has been declared uninhabitable.    


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