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Naert takes gold for Belgium in the marathon race

On the final day of the European Athletics Championships in Berlin another Belgian athlete has picked up a gold medal. Koen Naert completed the 42.195 kilometre race in just under 2 hours and 10 minutes. The West Fleming led for the last 10 kilometres of the race. The performance was a personal record for 28-year-old. Koen Naert’s gold medal is the third gold medal for our country’s athletes at the European Championships in Berlin.

After Friday’s gold for Nafi Thiam in the heptathlon and Saturday’s gold for the Belgian Tornados, Koen Naert’s victory in the marathon brings our country’s tally to three gold medals.

Kevin Borlée’s silver in the 400m, Bashir Abdi’s silver in the 10,000 metres and Jonathan Borlées bronze in the 400 metres mean that Belgium has won a total of 6 medal at this year’s European Athletics Championships in Berlin. Koen Naert’s gold medal is the 9th medal ever won by Belgium in the marathon at the European Championships.  

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