Second wolf on the prowl in Limburg province

The Flemish Nature and Woodland Agency reports that for the first time in months sheep have been killed by a wolf. As images of the wolf that were taken by CCTV show that it is not wear a collar so it can’t be Naya, the wolf that was spotted in Limburg Province earlier this year. This means that there are now 2 wolves living in Limburg.

The sheep have all been killed during the past week in and around the Bosland Nature Reserve and the Beverlo Camp military zone. Nine sheep in total have been killed, probably by the same wolf.   

The Nature and Woodland Agency’s Marie-Laure Vanwanseele told journalists that "It is as good as certain that that it was a wolf. We can only be 100% certain once we have the results of the DNA samples. Then another dead sheep was found nearby. The animal had been dead for some time.  On Saturday a further 4 dead sheep were found.

These are the first sheep to have been killed by a wolf in several months. The Institute for Nature and Woodland research says that it is certain that it is not the wolf that was spotted in the area earlier this year as she was fitted with a tracking collar.


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