Belgian breaks Pentagon code, wins "The Most Valuable Hacker" prize in Las Vegas

Belgium's Inti De Ceukelaire has clinched the most prestigious title an ethical hacker could wish for, cracking the firewall of giants such as Uber and the Pentagon. "We made the world a little bit safer", he said after winning the "Most Valuable Hacker" prize in Las Vegas. 

The world's best 100 hackers were in Las Vegas last week to take part in a contest organised by the American company HackerOne. The contest is considered as the unofficial world championships in this particular area. 

For five consecutive nights, participants had to search for weaknesses in security systems of Uber and the U.S. Defence Department, among others. This is perfectly legal: these have given their consent, hoping to improve their cyber security systems. De Ceukelaire came out on top and travelled home with the award, which is actually a big boxing belt.   

"It's like a summer camp for computer nerds. It was fun to travel to Las Vegas with youngsters of the same age, to engage in some legal hacking", De Ceukelaire explains. "But it's more than just fun. It's nice to see we really had an impact. The hundred hackers have exposed various leaks and improved security. We made the world a little bit safer and this is why we are doing it for."  

It was fun, but much more than that. We really had an impact, and security systems have improved

Inti De Ceukelaire has built a solid reputation in Belgium and abroad over the past years. He made the news with his websites "are you a porn person" (which finds out whether your computer ends up on porn sites sometimes), and (about personal data on Facebook). He also manipulated a tweet by Donald Trump and hacked the Vatican news website, among other things. 

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