Free trial season ticket for 1st year secondary pupils

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn is sending a free 5 week trial season ticket for all its bus and tram services to children that are due to start secondary school in just over 2 weeks’ time.  

A total of 61,000 teenagers will be given a season ticket. De Lijn used information from the population register to get the names of those due to start secondary school. The season ticket will be valid from 25 August until 30 September.  Tom Van de Vreken of De Lijn told VRT News that

"This will give them an opportunity to get use to using the bus and tram. 1 September is a turning point for them. They are going to a new school and will be taking a different route, possibly using a different mode of transport.    

Parents will also be able to make a return trip with their child on the bus or tram thanks to a free return ticket from De Lijn.

The free tickets are costing De Lijn 1.9 million euro. However, some of this will be recouped if there is increase in the number of pupils buying a season ticket. Furthermore, De Lijn says the more children that go to school on public transport rather than by car, the better it is for the environment.  



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