Escaped snake spotted in Leuven shopping street

The police and fire services in the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven received a call to deal with the most slippery of customers on Thursday night. A member of the public that was walking along one of Leuven’s busiest shopping streets, the Diestsestraat, had spotted a corn snake slithering along the street.  

When the fire service arrived they saw the snake slip into cellar of a shop. Originally from the southeast of the United States, the corn snake is orange-red in colour and is about 1 metre long. The corn snake is not poisonous.     

A local resident told Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that it could have escaped from the home of one of his neighbours.

"A few weeks ago my upstairs neighbour came to tell me that his snake had escaped. It is probably that snake. I am happy that he is back, but I would rather have not have had him in my cellar”.

As the probable owner of the snake could not be contacted the Fire Service secured the cellar so that the snake could not get back onto the street. A second attempt to reunite it with it owners will be made later today.  

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