Two trailers full of stolen Red Bull found in Mouscron

Two trailers full of Red Bull have been found in Mouscron in Hainaut province. The pallets of the energy drink are some of the 11 lorry loads of Red Bull that were stolen from a warehouse on an industrial estate in West Flemish town of Menen, just a few kilometres from Mouscron.

300 pallets of the drink with a salable value of 950,000 euro were taken from the warehouse at the LAR Industrial Estate that is adjacent to the French border.

Police found the two trailers parked up in a small street on Mouscron Industrial Estate. A passer-by had found the presence of the trailers suspicious and had alerted officers from the Mouscron Local Police Service. When the trailers were opened police discovered that they were full of pallets of Red Bull.  The Kortrijk Judicial Authorities have so far refused to confirm that some of the stolen energy drink has been recovered.

The theft took place last Sunday and those involved were extremely professional. They disabled the warehouse's security camera system and were able to take 300 pallets of the drink, a task that took them some 12 hours to complete.  

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