700 Pukkelpop goers nursing wasp stings

First aid workers at the Pukkelpop music festival in Kiewit had a lot of work this edition dealing with patients who were stung by a wasp. "It's a good year for wasps, take care."

The news was reported by Het Belang van Limburg and has been confirmed to us by Frederik Luyten who works for the festival. But it's not just Pukkelpop dealing with this problem: wasps are very active across Belgium; some hospitals even have double the number of wasp patients compared to last year. 

The insects seem to be everywhere: this is because of the long and warm summer this year, as they thrive in warm and dry conditions, says Joris Gansemans of Natuurpunt. "If you would be bothered by a wasp, certainly do not try to hit, because it will make the animal more aggressive. Stay calm and go away. If you are eating or drinking, it's a good idea to cover your glass, or to put an almost empty pot of jam nearby. They will be attracted by the sweet jam or jelly and leave you alone."

If you have been stung, you only need to go to the hospital's emergency ward if you are allergic - if you develop red spots on your body, or have difficult breathing. For most people, it's enough to apply some ice blocks or cold water. 

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