Drought measures relaxed in all Flemish provinces

Washing your car and sprinkling your garden: it's possible again in all Flemish provinces after drought measures were relaxed, but the authorities are still calling on the public not to waste any water.

The provinces of West and East Flanders, Antwerp, Flemish Brabant and Limburg announced the measure on Friday, following an advice issued by the so-called Drought Commission of the Flemish government. 

It has rained on several occasions recently, and though it is not enough - not enough by far, experts underline - to get natural water levels back to normal, it is enough to relax the measures. Tap water consumption by the public has dropped again, since private water wells have - at least partly - been replenished in recent days. This means that people can use rain water for flushing the toilet and for their washing machine again, which automatically caused water consumption to drop. 

The authorities are asking people to refrain from using too much water for the time being, as the orange alert remains in place. 

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